10 March 2010

ValuAir, Jetstar Airways Online Booking

In October 2009, we used the ValuAir, Jetstar Airways Online Booking service for our family vacation to Singapore. You might find some interesting fares on their site with exclusive hotel deals for Jetstar customers.

It was easy to book our tickets. We just followed the given instructions to choose a preferred flight with seat reservations. The Travel Itinerary and Invoice printed afterward were used to get our tickets at the airport. The staff was nice and helpful and it was a pleasant flight to Singapore. Quite a deal for the offered price. You could consider ValuAir, Jetstar Airways Online Booking to get your flight fares and hotel deals.


Ann said...

Apa kapah?

I am glad you liked Singapore. I lived there for 16 years.

A Family's Travel Guide said...

Kabar baik, Ann. Yes, we enjoyed our stay in Singapore very much.

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