12 November 2009

Cihampelas Walk Bandung Hotel

Cihampelas Walk Bandung
Water Fountain

Cihampelas Walk Bandung is a very popular site, full with shops and restaurants. If you like shopping or window shopping and taking photos, this might be the perfect place for you.

Cihampelas Walk 2Japanese Style Decoration

Strolling around the area, you can come upon interesting objects, like this Japanese style decoration. Did you notice that you can see right into a mall through those windows?

Cihampelas Hotel Menu
Since our vacation was a last minute decision on a national holiday, almost all hotels were booked and we had to search for another alternative on the Web. I call it lucky that we finally stumbled upon this Cihampelas Hotel 2 site and were settled for the family room. Even though it was a very small hotel, after our arrival everything turned out like promoted. Nice staff, hotspot, TV cable, AC, hot & cold water and a highly accessible location to Cihampelas Walk Bandung. You can see oxtail soup and fried noodles ordered through their room delivery service in the photo above. Yummy!

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