12 November 2009

Royal Safari Garden Hotel, Puncak: Pendopo

This photo here comes from the series of our family vacation to the Royal Safari Garden Hotel & Restaurant. In case you don't know, it belongs to Taman Safari Indonesia, Indonesia's center for reproduction of endangered wildlife. Both places are actually located at two different areas, but stand nearby. I love this place so much that I can't stop writing about it.

The building in the photo is called a pendopo, which according to the Wikipedia is:

A fundamental element of Javanese architecture; a large pavilion -like structure built on columns. Either square or rectangular in plan, it is open on all sides and provides shelter from the sun and rain, but allows breeze and indirect light. The word pendopo Sanskrit word mandapa ('hall'). The Dutch writer Multatuli in his colonial reformist novel Max Havelaar described the pendopo as "next to a broad-rimmed hat, an umbrella or a hollow tree, a pendopo is undoubtedly the simplest representation there is of the concept of 'roof'".
You can rent this architectural building for family or company gatherings at this site. I think the pendopo in my photo shot is the largest one in the area. There are also several smaller pendopos in various sizes for free.

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