22 December 2009

AirAsia Online Booking Go Holiday

On our Singapore vacation in October 2009, we decided to use the AirAsia Online Booking Go Holiday service for our flight home. It is a wonderful site to find many great deals at very interesting prices. You can browse & book for Flight + Hotel and Hotel + Activities to save on money, check out the promotion of the month, lowest airfare on sale or get rooms on demand up to 50% off. No wonder AirAsia has been awarded as The World's Best Low Cost Airline!

Booking tickets was easy. We followed the given steps to choose a flight with our preferential, including seat reservations. Then printed out our Travel Itinerary and Invoice after all was taken care of. The Travel Itinerary and Invoice are used to receive your ticket at the airport.

Too bad I didn't take any photos at the inside of the plane to show you how good looking it was. Considering the promo price we got, I really was surprised how well maintained all looked. We even got some snack from the lovely staff. I would say that overall it was a very good experience, so the next time we are going on holiday I will definitely check out the AirAsia Online Booking Go Holiday service for flight & hotel promotions.

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