13 February 2010

M Hotel Singapore

M Hotel Singapore Room
The M Hotel Singapore is a 4 star hotel located at 81 Anson Road, Singapore 079908. We were staying at this hotel on our vacation in October 2009. It is a hotel more suitable for business travelers like said on the M Hotel official website, but we didn't mind at all. My husband was actually on a business trip and the whole family decided to come along. The rooms were clean and cozy, but most of the time we spent out of the hotel.

The hotel staff was nice and friendly, and we did not have any complaints. The only problem we had was solved in short time. We had been booking two rooms, which unfortunately were placed on two different floors. It was difficult to visit each other, because the hotel cards only gave you access to the floor where you stayed. Trying to access other floors with your card on the lift was not possible for security reasons. We were finally given permit to both floors, after pointing out our difficulty.

It is quite easy to travel around Singapore by MRT or bus. The closest MRT station to the hotel is Tanjung Pagar. From there you can go almost anywhere, following the route signs at every station. You can refer to several free tourism brochures taken from the Changi airport to find out more about the MRT tracks and other interesting information on Singapore.

We went on a lot of walks in Singapore. One of our most favorite destinations near the M hotel was a food center or festival called Lau Pa Sat. It offers various kinds of food with reasonable market prices. More closer to the hotel you also can find McDonald's or a 7 eleven mini market to buy some of your daily needs.

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M Hotel Singapore

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