13 January 2015

Hong Kong Attraction: Avenue of Stars

We went to Hong Kong in April 2014 and one of the attractions that you might want to see, especially at night, is the Avenue of Stars. It is a lovely place to walk with fresh air right from the Victoria Harbour. You can see boats and ferries in full light passing by as you walk and laser lights from several buildings across.

Hongkong Attraction Avenue of Stars
Hong Kong Avenue of Stars at night

When you come at 8 pm, you will be able to watch a special laser show called A Symphony of Lights that last for around 14 minutes. We were able to catch the last part of the performance and it was beautiful. Who doesn't like the feeling of a fresh breeze with romantic lights? Besides, the show has been awarded as the world's "Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" by the Guinness World Records, by combining interactive lights of 47 buildings on Kowloon and 24 buildings on Hong Kong Island with musical effects.

Make sure to pick a time where it is not to windy and cold in Hong Kong or you might have trouble to see anything in the mist. When we went to the Avenue of Stars, the weather was a bit cold. But, we were lucky that the mist didn't hold on for too long. It still gave us a glimpse of what was across our waterfront side at night, including A Symphony of Lights. I imagine that this would be quite difficult or even impossible with heavier mist.

There are several sculptures with a movie theme along the Avenue of Stars, including a bronze statue of Bruce Lee. Since it might be the most famous sculpture for most people, it might be more crowded around him. So, you have to be more patient to take a picture or just take it there as it is.

Now to the main reason why this attraction is called the Avenue of Stars. You can find the imprint of 106 celebrities or stars from the Hong Kong film industry, like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Naming a few of the stars here are Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, John Woo, Andy Lau, Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh.

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