27 February 2015

Using Your Mobile Phone on A Trip in Korea

If you are staying in Korea on a low budget and only for a short time, you might want to get the advantage of free wifi and PCs that are provided in most hotels or motels. Just make sure that you book a place with these standard privileges and take good notes for everything before leaving your stay. Also, don't forget to deactivate your original SIM card data use to prevent international roaming that can end up with an unpleasant high phone bill.

However, if you are spending a longer time in Korea and have allocated a budget on communication, you might want to purchase a Korean SIM card for your mobile phone. It can be very convenient to use the provided internet connection for GPS or Google maps without having to wait or search for free wifi at certain places. 

We arrived safe and sound at the Incheon Airport on February 2nd. It was a cold morning, but we were still very excited. First thing to do after passing immigration and coming out of the arrival gate was to look for a Korean prepaid SIM card. My husband bought our Nano EG SIM card for 30.000 Won at a GS25 convenience store located near Gate 10. It provides you with around 1GB of Internet access and was more than enough to get us through our one week stay.

Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and follow the instructions in the manual. Make sure first that you have deactivated wifi or according to our friend's experience the network will not be detected. They also say that sometimes it takes several times to switch on and off the phone before the network can be detected.

You also might want to check beforehand going to Korea, if your mobile phone is unlocked to accept other carrier's SIM cards. If not, it will be pretty useless. You can try to find this out by inserting a different service provider's SIM card into your phone or, of course, call your provider to ask for more information. 

mobile phone on korea trip
EG SIM Card for mobile phone in Korea

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